Morgantown Matters addresses both the long-term and day-to-day problems that face those living and operating small businesses within the city. This blog will be taking an in-depth look at life in the University City from a student’s perspective while not ignoring the impact on the entire community, including business, traffic & parking, housing, and anything else that matters to everyone, whether they know it or not. While these topics often go unseen or are swept under the rug, we will be bringing to light the topics that need to be noticed, recognized, or changed. We will also be looking at how things are different over the past 25 years, and why some things have not changed (even if they should).

If you have a Morgantown matter you want us to talk about contact us on here or through email: 

Emily Eisenhuth – eeeisenhuth@mix.wvu.edu

John Mark Shaver – jmshaver@mix.wvu.edu

Kaitlyn Powers – kmpowers@mix.wvu.edu

Craig Campbell – crcampbell@mix.wvu.edu

Patrick Clarke – pjclarke@mix.wvu.edu


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