What’s the deal with Beech View Place?

Beech View Place has been a mystery since its construction began in 2011. The building took two and a half years to be completed, and it seemed as if it would never get finished. When it was finally completed, there was no official announcement of its opening.

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While the area is a bit more lively now that CoGo’s, The Greeks and Frank Anthony’s have opened and established themselves in the bottom floor of the building, there’s still some issues within the business of the complex.

For one, it’s extremely hard to find information about them. The url that they continue to advertise as their website is not in use anymore. And while very basic information is shared on local apartment guides, there’s no pricing or extra photos.

Additionally, they have at least three phone numbers listed on the Internet on various apartment guides, all of which are no longer in use. I found the correct number on a Youtube video.

Their social media feeds are lacking as well. Instead of using their accounts to their benefit by promoting their apartments, they use both Twitter and Facebook to share unrelated videos, photos, memes and typical Facebook news articles.

Beech View Place has great potential. It’s in a great, central location and the shops and restaurants add value and interest for potential residents. I took a tour of the building last year, and the apartments are super nice.


In the little information you can find about the apartments, they boast about great, 24-hour security. But some students believe that the building is actually too secure. The building requires that all guests be signed in and out, and some feel that it’s too much like dorm-style living. Additionally, rent prices are pretty steep, and it’s an additional $150 a month for parking.

After multiple attempts to get in contact with someone from Beech View Place, I talked with Donella from their sales department. She said that as of last Thursday, Beech View Place had been taken over by Core Spaces, a business that delivers “dynamic acquisition, development and management services for urban residential, hospitality and student housing projects.”

So hopefully with new management, Beech View Place will use their potential to become a great option for off-campus housing.


10 thoughts on “What’s the deal with Beech View Place?

  1. Great post!! I’ve always wondered what the deal was with this place. I grew up in Morgantown, so I was here when the construction started and I was so excited because they seemed to ‘nifty.’ And then they didn’t seem like they’d ever be completed. And now I hardly ever see anyone coming to and from them. I had no idea the security was so tight there, either. Wow. This was a really interesting post, thanks for shedding some light on the mystery!


  2. I really like this post because I have never known anything about this place. I think this is supposed to be where James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers built apartments but I could be wrong. This place always seemed a little sketchy to me. I’ve never met anyone who lives there, and the only thing I knew about it was that it had super high rent. No thanks.


  3. I used to live there last year for a semester while Uplace was still being finished, but that’s a whole other story… I remember at BVP they would always advertise and tell the residents that the apartment complex was completely full, when there were literally 10 people on my whole floor. I ended up having a 2 bedroom apartment to myself which was amazing, even though I only had to pay for half. Regarding the food places underneath, CoGo’s was a great convenience story to go for late night food and to get groceries. I’ve only went to Anthony’s Pizza once and it was not very good. The Greeks is actually the only place still open and seems to be doing pretty well. The coffee shop that they have in the backside of the restaurant is a relaxing place to go for a cultural sip too!


  4. Honestly I had never even wondered about the buildings. Your post pointed out something to me and explained it, so it was very engaging. I still am left with a question, though. Why the heck would a company establish itself in such a large way and then just kind of abandon it? Weird.


  5. As someone who’s lived in Beech View for two years, and it’s pretty alright. CoGo’s closed a while ago, but the Greeks is one of my favorite spots around. The issue with the website is that Beech View was sold to a different company a few weeks ago, and they’re in the midst of rebranding the place – I’m pretty sure the new name is going to be State On Campus Morgantown. As such, they’ve taken the website down until they can get a new one going.


  6. I live across from the Beech View apartments and can attest that this building i still virtually a ghost town. With Co-Go’s and Frank Anthony’s already out of business, the buildings future looks less than promising. It’s location is prime and any business should have no problem thriving in such a centrally located area.


  7. All I know about this place is that is it insanely expensive to live there. You make a good point when you said that there was virtually no advertisements or announcements about this place but it was pretty safe to assume that it was student living just like everything else in Morgantown. I only like The Greeks at the bottom but they don’t seem to have that much more to offer. Hopefully that will change soon.


  8. Those tweets are so weird, especially that first one. I had a friend who lived in Beech view for a semester while he was waiting to move into UPlace since it wasn’t finished on time. The apartments are really nice. They’ve got a really big and open living space. It’s a shame that they aren’t advertised as well as they should be. I wonder how many people actually live at Beechview? It seems they keep building apartment complexes without filling them up…


    1. I agree about the tweets, Beech View has so much potential to be a major competitor in the student housing market here but they waste it on useless social media posts. I imagine if they used social media to their advantage and advertised on their Twitter and Facebook pages they would be much more successful in filling their apartments. I tried to get concrete numbers about how many people live there and if they are getting anywhere close to capacity but the lady I talked to wouldn’t give me any information, I guess because they’re changing management. Hopefully they can turn things around!


  9. Sketchy. I agree with you saying that the security almost seems too secure. Coming in and out to visit friends can be more of a hassle than anything else because you need someone to come down and let you in for the reason of the locked doors. I remember one of my best friends signing for the apartment before they even knew when it was going to be complete. That to me just sounded like trouble. He ended up regretting it because of what happened. All in all, I learned a lot through your blog and I enjoyed reading it!


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