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Do You Even Juice Bro?

A new health craze has become popular around the country, and recently Morgantown has been booming with the new lifestyle: JUICE!

People have been substituting meals for organic and natural juices here in Morgantown as a way to lose weight or as part of a healthy alternative. So what’s the fad of drinking juice?

Gabby Garcia, general manager at The Juice Bar in Evansdale Crossing, said their mission is to “have fun and be amazing.” Garcia said the benefits of “fresh juicing often, is a fantastic way to lose weight, feel great, increase nutrition, and reduce the risk of just about everything bad.”


She also said some of the benefits of juicing are the antioxidants contained in real juice to help speed up metabolism, versus concentrated/processed juice that contains added sugar in a store. You can add spices like ginger and cayenne which helps to reduce inflammation.

“I find them very filling and I substitute them for an actual meal and knowing it’s ten times better for me just is the icing on the cake,” said Taylor Heath, a sophomore at WVU. “It’s healthy and it makes me feel wonderful.”

1434554348Ruth Haas, business owner at Real Juice Bar and Cafe located on Pleasant Street, had the idea to start her own business. According to the juice bar’s story on their website, she noticed that Morgantown needed a juice bar. With her dream of owning her own business and experience in juicing and organic living, Ruth decided to run with her idea. Soon after, she found herself and her family starting from the ground up and creating what is now called Real.

“I go to the juice bar because I want to feel good about myself,”said Haley Hizer, a Freshman at WVU. “It makes me feel energized and full so that I don’t have to buy a whole meal.”

But, recently The Juice Bar has taken away business from The Real Juice Bar and Cafe because it is conveniently located on campus. Students have easier access to Evansdale Crossing rather than Pleasant Street, and also meal plan and Mounty Bounty are offered in the Crossing.



6 thoughts on “Do You Even Juice Bro?

  1. If paying a lot of money for something you could do at home with a blender then I say go for it. Like all fads the Juice bar will be fond college memory for many undergraduates from this era. I am sure it tastes good and is good for you (and let’s not forget like everything “it’s FUN!”), but this is just like a Starbucks cup of coffee: it’s so people can notice you doing it.


  2. I love juicing! I’m passionate about it because I believe juicing can help avoid disease and illness. It’s funny because I just got a juicer for Christmas and I came back to Morgantown and The Juice Bar had opened up. I love The Juice Bar. They have great ingredients and helpful staff! Unfortunately, I’ve never been to The Real Juice Bar. I would love to go there, but like you said, the Crossing is more convenient, especially when struggling with money and having a meal plan. Until my recent financial struggles, I was juicing at home for breakfast every day. It really gives you so much more energy and made it possible for me to balance going to the gym with work and a 20-credit schedule. It eliminates waste, too. You can use the pulp for facial masks, making breads and lots more.


  3. Like Craig said above these places are great, and the one in evens dale crossing is probably better just because it is on meal plan. But in my opinion they can’t last all that long, because you can make all of these drinks at home for cheaper if you own a blender. I just think that after a while of people spending a lot o money at these juice bars people will buy their own blender and products to make their own at home. Like for example my sister actually just went through this process and now owns a huge juicer and uses it everyday, and says its one of the best things she’s bought in a long time.


  4. I love having more than one juice option in town! While The Real Juice Bar is convenient, I was turned off after dealing with unfriendly management. I like having The Juice Bar on campus is really great for getting a drink on the go or between classes. Also I like how flexible their menu is! I have to agree though with other bloggers – ALL OPTIONS ARE OVERPRICED! No basic juice drink should cost nearly $10


  5. I’ve always wanted to try both of these juicing places but it is so overly expensive in my opinion that I really want to invest in my own juicer and make my own. I can’t fathom paying or afford to pay $5-6 dollars for a beverage when I can get a healthy water for half of the price. Having said all of that, I totally believe in the power of juicing for health and energy reasons and I think that it’s great that Morgantown is expanding into that area of business. I just wish I could afford it!


  6. I really would’ve liked to see if there was any animosity on the part of Real Juice Bar, considering the fact that a University-endorsed juice bar is taking away a lot of potential business. Do I smell a two parter?


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