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David takes on the Goliath of Morgantown housing–U Club Sunnyside moves in next door to WVU’s U Place

Another apartment building is popping up on University Avenue, and although it’s situated right next door to University Place in the area so dominated by the University right now, this complex isn’t owned by WVU.

U Club Sunnyside, owned by the national housing company American Campus Communities, is planned to be completed in time for students to move in for the fall 2016 semester. The apartments are fully furnished and include all utilities, and the complex plans to include perks like a fitness center, rec center, and a pool.

Construction on U Club Sunnyside on University Avenue.


Sounds perfect, right? Well, the complex does have some downfalls. For one, The floor plans are laid out pretty weird. There’s only two options available for rent–four bedroom private, or two bedroom, two bathroom shared.

That’s right, if you choose the second option, you share a bedroom and a bathroom with another person, just like a dorm. It’s a pretty cheap option, starting at $399, but you give up a lot of freedom for the price.

But the biggest problem U Club Sunnyside has is its next-door neighbor. University Place is dominating Sunnyside now with the recent completion of the new parking garage and new businesses moving into the retail spaces at the bottom of the complex. How is it going to compete with the driving force behind the majority of Morgantown?

I reached out to several different people involved with U Club Sunnyside several times to inquire about the complex, and no one chose to comment.

U Club Sunnyside University Place
Floor Plans 4 br. or 2 br. shared 2-4 br. studio, 2-4 br. Apartment, 2-3 br. townhome
Rent $399-$659 $595-$865
Parking Available but not Included Available but not included
Utilities Included Included
Security On-call staff Patrol officer, on-call staff

U Club Sunnyside has been doing some great advertising (I know everyone has seen the driving billboard around town), and they’re even giving away a $25,000 (!) scholarship that you can enter to win after you take a tour of their model apartment. But I just don’t know if it’s good enough to compete with the University. Some people have peace of mind by renting in University apartment complexes. Sure, the shared bedroom thing is different, but it may not be a good thing. U Club Sunnyside needs something unique (and beneficial) to set them apart from their next-door neighbor and competitor.


2 thoughts on “David takes on the Goliath of Morgantown housing–U Club Sunnyside moves in next door to WVU’s U Place

  1. I think that this is good. Real competition between similar products. The more buildings like this that are available then the lower the rents will be over time as they compete with each other for tenants. I think the two bedroom (shared) two bathroom (shared) is a bit awkward, unless two couples want to live in the same apartment together. Although this kind of situation does not appeal to me personally, I think this will be well received by many students (and their parents).


  2. I agree with Craig that more competition is pretty good, but U Club Sunnyside is making things harder for itself unnecessarily with its location – I think it’s always going to be overshadowed by U Place – and with its floor plan. Why would anyone take a two-bedroom, two-bath shared apartment? When someone’s at the point where they’re moving into an apartment at WVU, they’re doing it because they don’t want to be in a dorm anymore. Why would they go back to a dorm-style apartment?


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