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123 Pleasant St. Beating The Odds

From the look of things and interviews I have done, many people love their music in Morgantown. From MainStage, to 123 Pleasant Street, you can’t seem to go wrong. MainStage brings in bigger bands/acts, but 123 Pleasant Street brings in local, uprising artists of all different aspects from musicians, poets, artist, etc.

Before 1998, 123 Pleasant St. was a variety of different shops that couldn’t stay open for long. That all changed when Louis Giuliani, business owner  and landlord of 123 Pleasant St, opened what is now the well-known bar/music venue. It has been around since Giuliani was in college. He promised the previous owner before him that he would keep it as a music venue.


With every other bar, club, or venue there are usually fights, crime, and damages. Luckily, Giuliani and 123 Pleasant Street don’t witness it as much unlike the other places on High St.

“I can count those scenarios (fights) on one hand,” said Giuliani. “I think those kind of (things) fall under the stereotypical bars, and that’s not what we are.”

When talking to Giuliani and residents on the street I figured 123 Pleasant St. would get the same type of crowd and issues as the bars up on High St.

I was wrong.

There isn’t much of a problem at or in 123 Pleasant St. There’s a few fixer uppers people would like to see but nothing extreme.

“It’s a little tight of a set up,” said Brendan Kunce, who was standing near the location. “Their sound guy is in a weird space. He might think it sounds good but doesn’t sound as good to the crowd.”

123 Pleasant St. is very strict about drinking and making sure people just come to have a good time with no issues. Giuliani makes it clear that they do not tolerate underage drinking or fights in the slightest.

“You are made aware of (our policy) really quick when you’re escorted out the door,” said Giuliani.

Alcoholic drinks tend to lead to shorter fuses, and while crime seems to be going down, the fights at the clubs and bars don’t seem to stop.

In fact, many of the bars downtown have been caught with underage or liquor law violations. In 2015, 40 places were violating that law and shut down in Morgantown, according to University Police website.

But Giuliani and many others like the atmosphere that 123 Pleasant St. brings. They want to attract and keep a community atmosphere. Somewhere for you can escape and have a good time or just see some local artist/residents with which to catch up.

“It’s one of the best venues in Morgantown,” said Ashley Kane, resident of Morgantown. “Any kid could come in and have a safe environment.”

123 Pleasant St. has evolved with its customers unlike other places in Morgantown. Many bars and clubs come and go but 123 Pleasant St. has beat the odds.

What can we do to change some of the businesses on High St to have that type of environment?



5 thoughts on “123 Pleasant St. Beating The Odds

  1. Your blog in general does a wonderful job of asking questions that aim to lead to change. This post has a great focus – it’s a new angle I haven’t seen in other articles about 123 or other businesses. I wonder, is it more than just the policies there that keep the choas suppressed? Do the types of people attracted there have something to do with it?


  2. Emily, I thought this was a very interesting post! I loved the use of the map to show us exactly where 123 Pleasant street is located. That’s a tool I have yet to mess with, but it worked perfectly for your story. I also really liked how a large part of your story was how 123 avoids fights and crimes. I never knew much about 123, but I think I would have assumed they deal with the same number of fights and crimes that bars on High Street deal with. I think you showed us a different side of 123– one that people may not know. Now, I’m more interested to go see a show here!


  3. I like this story and I think that the owner is why 123 Pleasant has been able to exist for so long and has a great environment. I have seen him ask people to leave that are way to drunk, and also ask underage kids that are sneaking alcohol leave immediately. I go there all the time and have never seen a fight or even a little dispute. It is a great bar and is always a safe place. It would be super cool if more bars around Morgantown had the same feel. I do think that the bar only feels like that some because of the type of people that go there. Like most people that come there are from south-park which is a calmer crowd than the people that come from fraternities, and grant street which go to the normal bars. 123 Pleasant is a great venue, and I hope it never goes anywhere.


  4. Emily! Love your post! I was intending on doing a piece about 123 Pleasant Street this upcoming week, so it’s really cool to see that people are interested in talking about it!! It’s inspiring. You asked all the right questions and really got some good nitty-gritty information. This was really well-written. Kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you everyone, and I am really glad you enjoyed reading this. This wasn’t my original plan so to see that people enjoyed this piece is exciting.


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